100 dating games

Even if your date doesn't end up being The One, you'll still be doing something you enjoy.You’ll know right away if the relationship stands a chance once you find out who’s better in the kitchen.For anyone hoping for a more...let's call it low-key activity, an exercise class, going to the gym, or even just walking at a decent pace can all fit the bill.For those who love to travel but don't want to (or can't) go far, take a bus or a train an hour away to see the local sights and just get away from your daily routine.

But if you are soooo done with all the restaurant reservations and silence-filled movie dates, or if you're just needing to break out of your routine, these activities should provide the proper inspiration to think outside the box.Plus, you’ll find out what their drink order is—and that says everything you need to know about them.If you’re near one of their locations, Eataly is the perfect place to explore and eat some great food.Note: It might be a mood killer if your dog's not super well-behaved, so just make sure you're prepared to handle any shenanigans that might occur once you get there.Alternative: Go and walk the dogs at your local shelter.

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