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While I have a slew of vegan whole30 recipes to fall back upon, I had yet to create a chocolate snack fix to my liking.I threw together some whole30 approved ingredients into my blender and prayed for the best.For best results, freeze these chocolate balls for up to 2 months, in parchment paper or a ziplock bag. If the recognized year number is less than 100, it is interpreted as an abbreviated year relative to a century of which dates are within 80 years before and 19 years after the time when the Date class is initialized.Every single day, I’d snack on either my peanut butter keto balls or my chocolate peanut butter keto balls.Ever since I finished said keto diet, you’d still find those exact keto energy balls in my fridge!

I can attest to that, as I always freeze my recipes as I can never finish them all in a timely manner.Depending on the ingredients used and storage method is chosen, energy balls can last between 5 days and up to 2 months.These chocolate date balls can last up to 7 days in a sealed container, at room temperature.You guys, these chocolate protein balls will keep me in line during my whole30 challenge!Not only did they satisfy my sweet tooth and keep my snacking and meals in check, they totally fulfilled my chocolate fix- Something I was worried about before doing the whole30.

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