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For individuals of mixed ancestries, GPS coordinates represent the mean geographical locations of their immediate parental populations.

Prior to applying GPS to elucidate the biogeographical affinity of Druze, we sought to trial its accuracy on Afro-Eurasian populations.

To improve our understanding of the population history of Israeli Druze, we performed genome-wide and haplogroup analyses, the results of which were compared with Levantine and non-Levantine populations.

Our findings are evaluated in light of the three major hypotheses depicting Saudi Arabian, Near Eastern and Iranian-Iraqi roots for Druze (Table 1), though these may not be mutually exclusive.

D.) who sent missionaries throughout Arabia and the Middle East (with epistles being recorded as far as India), calling for new adherents to join the religion.

All biogeographical inferences were carried out using the geographic population structure (GPS) tool.These studies reported that the Galilee Druze exhibit a high diversity of both X1 (15.6%) and X2 (11.1%) mitochondrial haplogroups relative to other Near Eastern populations.More recent studies have reported that the Druze share many genetic characteristics with other Levantine populations (i.e., Palestinians and Bedouins) compared to Europeans and Central or South Asians e.g..Briefly, GPS accepts the DNA of individuals and matches their admixture proportions to those of reference populations known to have resided in a certain geographical region for a substantial period of time.GPS then converts the genetic distances to geographic distances.

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