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In the USA, DR is the leading cause of blindness amongst working age adults (ages 20–74) [1] with an estimated treatment cost of 0 million annually in the United States alone [3,4].

In 2014, there were an estimated 422 million individuals with diabetes, up from 108 million in 1980 [5].

The junctional complex connects the cytoskeleton across the membrane to the TJ on adjacent cells [22].

Permeability is inversely correlated with content of the TJ protein, occludin, across many tissues [23,24], and gene deletion experiments have identified required TJ proteins necessary for barrier properties in different tissues [25].

RPE cells have well developed junctional complexes between adjacent cells that restrict paracellular flux of potentially harmful substances, and maintain the sensitive retinal environment.Finally, novel drug targets including components of the kinin–kallikrein system and emerging treatments such as anti-HPTP (human protein tyrosine phosphatase) β antibodies are discussed.Recognition of non-VEGF contributions to disease pathogenesis may lead to novel therapeutics to enhance existing treatments for patients who do not respond to anti-VEGF therapies.Over 40 TJ proteins have been identified to date, some of which are transmembrane and facilitate restriction of paracellular flux while others are cytosolic and serve as organizers of transmembrane proteins, connecting them to the cytoskeleton [21].The result is a continuous junction that circumscribes the most apical portion of the lateral membrane in the RPE and connects the endothelial cells allowing formation of a protected lumen in the vascular endothelium.

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Blood exits the retina from the central retinal vein that lies next to the central retinal artery at the optic disk.

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