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What is more exciting is that 98% of these people could pass their driver’s test, 100% could see their computer and dashboard, read the prices in the supermarket or put on their makeup, and 98% could read the telephone book or newspaper, all without glasses or contact lenses.

Most patients achieve a large degree of spectacle-independence for distance and intermediate vision and only use glasses for reading. During your cataract surgery, your natural, cloudy lens is removed and replaced with a new, implantable intraocular lens (IOL).

While training at the world-famous Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Dr.

Fedyk personally conducted research on the visual outcomes of the first wave of Premium Multi-Focal Lenses.

Fedyk’s clinical review studies revealed, more than 95% of patients with these lens implants never or only occasionally use glasses.

A standard IOL implant will restore your vision, but it will be limited to a single focal point, and you will need glasses for many daily activities.Fedyk will help you choose the one that best suits your needs.He is specially qualified to assist you in your premium lens choice.At Infinity Vision Dallas, we bring the highest standards of ophthalmology services and decades of experience to our patients.Focusing on a full spectrum of comprehensive eye care, our dedicated physicians can help you with all of your vision and eye health needs.

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