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Standard posterior chamber IOL for hyperopia (e.g., Clariflex, Sensar AR40e, Advanced Medical Optics, Santa Ana, CA) is considered medically necessary.

Aetna considers aspheric monofocal posterior chamber IOLs medically necessary for aphakia (e.g., Acry Sof IQ IOL (Alcon Surgical, Fort Worth, TX), Alcon CZ70BD, Alcon SA60WF, SN6CWS, Tecnis (Z9000, Z9001, Z9002, ZA9003, Abbott Medical Optics, Santa Ana, CA), Sof Port AO IOL (Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, NY), Sofport LI61AO, Staar Model CC4204A, Akreos AO Aspheric IOL (Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, NY), Akreos SA 060, Hoya PY-60AD (Hoya Surgical Optics Gmb H, Frankfurt, Germany), Abbott ZCB00, Tecnis AMO Aspheric IOL ZCB00 (Abbott Medical Optics, Santa Ana, CA), and Acrysof IQ SN60WS (Alcon Surgical, Fort Worth, TX)).

Standard fixed monofocal posterior chamber ultraviolet absorbing IOLs (e.g., Acry Sof Natural blue-light filtering IOL inclduing the Acry Sof MN60MA (Alcon Surgical, Fort Worth, TX), Acry Sof SN60WF, Sof Port AO IOL with Violet Shield Technology (Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, NY), C-flex IOL model 570C (Rayner Surgical Inc., Los Angeles, CA), EC-3 PAL (Aaren Scientific, Ontario, CA), i Spheric Model YA-60BB IOL (Hoya Surgical Optics, Chino Hills, CA), Softec HD (Lenstec Inc., St.

Petersburg, FL); and XACT Foldable Hydrophobic Acrylic Ultraviolet Light-Absorbing Posterior Chamber IOLs(Bausch & Lomb) are also considered medically necessary for aphakia.

The degree of loss depends on the location of the cataract, its size, and its density. Nuclear cataracts are located in the central substance of the lens.

Almost all states require 20/40 vision in 1 eye to get a driver's license.

Household activities and reading are usually not limiting until the member reaches 20/70 vision.

Note : A drop in visual acuity in bright light is the quantitative element that allows one to correlate the "loss of vision" with the "member's complaints".

B-scan ultrasound is considered medically necessary in place of A-scan ultrasound where direct visualization of the retina is difficult or impossible including lid problems (e.g., severe edema, partial or total tarsorrhaphy), keratoprosthesis, corneal opacities (e.g., scars, severe edema), hyphema, hypopyon, miosis, dense cataract, pupillary membranes, or vitreous opacities (e.g., hemorrhage, inflammatory debris).

Note: B-scan ultrasound is considered medically necessary for pre-operative work-up of individuals with Morgagnian cataract.

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The pre-operative tests listed above are considered experimental and investigational in most cases before cataract surgery.

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