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Unfortunately, Skype users liked the app because it offered a sophisticated chat experience – they weren’t looking for a clone of Snapchat.While there’s a Microsoft Skype for Business app available, it’s part of Microsoft Office 365 and will cost extra to download.Microsoft has a history of taking over excellent products, “upgrade them” and make them absolutely non usable. Once I drain the money I still have on my Skype account I will inform everybody I care on my contacts list how to reach me otherwise and then delete the Skype and terminate my Skype account. I want to talk to people not some lump of quasi AI garbage and I can’t tell whose on/off/away.So, I put back an earlier version of Skype and all is now ok, even reinstalling that was a pain in the arse.Many can’t find the contacts gathered from in and out of country over many years – families, friends and other people with whom one passed pleasant time behind the webcam and mike – Many Skype subscribers have even lost their money. Personally, I have not found a way to regain my contacts, and I will not be part of the “replacement” “skype”, which I unfortunately signed up to, not suspecting it was a trap.

) and can’t be restricted to those currently on line anymore. But because MS has locked up Word and its connections, printer and scanner won’t work on this machine.Many of the key features of the i OS and Android updates have disappeared, and customers seem to hate the fact that Microsoft has gone for a youth-oriented “Instagram-style” service, rather than the business-oriented, sophisticated app we’d grown to know and love.Of course, it’s not just the glaring colours and horrific use of emojis that makes the new Microsoft redesign so unappealing.Many users are complaining that the features they relied on have now gone missing, in exchange for an option to change the colour of your chat boxes or choose a new “theme” for the app.To make way for these, let’s face it – pretty pointless – changes, Skype has removed a range of key elements, such as the ability to clearly see who’s online, and who isn’t.

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It’s like they’ve never heard of the internet and it’s issues of pictures not being able to be read/identified by computers. They’ve either broken, crippled or removed features I relied on and added nothing I wanted or needed. I have some older installer, but it says, you must download the newest version. I hope this massive disappointment will ruin the “developer’s” business! Everybody beefs but few have the gumption to hit back with a lawsuit. I then bought a new all-in-one HP disaster of a computer that swallows up disks and Best Buy doesn’t know how to open the computer to retrieve the disk.

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