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International Mayors Summit (IMS) was launched in 2016 as a knowledge exchange platform for local government leaders and representatives of the major stakeholders in local development at global level.

The annual Summit brings together prominent mayors from all over the world to discuss modern trends in urban development, innovations, best practices and common challenges and solutions in all areas of city life.

Groysman has been the Prime Minister of Ukraine since 14 April 2016. President Bill Clinton to the Board of Directors of the Western NIS Enterprise Fund in 1994, serving as an active member of the Board since its inception.

Groysman has indicated he would fight corruption and build closer ties with the European Union, which has complained about widespread and pervasive corruption in Ukraine’s government and economy. Prior to her appointment as President and CEO of WNISEF, Ms.

According to the prevailing wisdom in the West, the Ukraine crisis can be blamed almost entirely on Russian aggression.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, the argument goes, annexed Crimea out of a long-standing desire to resuscitate the Soviet empire, and he may eventually go after the rest of Ukraine, as well as other countries in eastern Europe.

Iryna conducted a study on the role of graduates of foreign universities as change agents in Ukraine, the results of which were provided to the team of reformers at the Presidential Administration.

Master of Advanced European Studies at College of Europe (Warsaw), Iryna taught European integration policy at the National Academy of Public Administration, where she did her thesis.

For Putin, the illegal overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected and pro-Russian president -- which he rightly labeled a “coup” -- was the final straw.

He was elected into parliament on the party lists of the pro-presidential Petro Poroshenko Bloc. She is a graduate of Goucher College and University of Wisconsin Law School, where she was editor of the law review and earned a J. Johnson advised many Fortune 500 companies and other Western multinationals on cross-border transactions with Ukraine.

Groysman’s next post was the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine’s national parliament), starting late November 2014 until being appointed Prime Minister. Johnson was appointed WNISEF President and CEO effective January 1, 2015. Johnson directs, oversees and provides overall management for the WNISEF program activities and remains a member of the Fund’s Board of Directors in addition to her role as President and CEO. Johnson was born in Ukraine and emigrated to the U. During her many years as an international corporate attorney in Ukraine, Ms.

Davor Cilic, Deloitte (Croatia) Moderation by: Olena Ursu, UNDP Ukraine Intro by Olga Babiy Mr.

Yevgen Kun, Co-founder, Interproekt Gmb H (water) Mr.

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Lenna Koszarny, Founding Partner and CEO, Horizon Capital Mr. Thomas Tonger, The Head of Worldwide Product Planning and Product Management at Daimler Buses (Germany) Mr.

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