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Aside from Jana, all of the older Duggar girls have been married or are currently courting.less than two weeks away, many have wondered if there's any truth to the rumors that the show will delve into Jana Duggar's love life.Fans are expecting an announcement at the end of this season of , though no one is quite sure what it will be.Speculation is that Joy-Anna may be engaged, and others believe it could be a double courtship announcement from two of the boys.The premiere isn't until March 15, but you know the folks in charge of promotions at TLC wouldn't keep that nugget under wraps for long.Welcome to our reviews of the Are Any Duggar Girls Dating (also known as Dating Dictionary Torrent).It wasn’t confirmed whether it is Jedidiah or Jeremiah Duggar courting, but either way, the fact that the boys have finally started to move on with their lives is exciting.

While it was nice to finally see him, there were some other things fans focused on more.

Right now, all of this courting stuff is likely in the early stages.

The Caldwell sisters were allegedly spotted at the Duggar compound during Valentine’s Day, which likely means at least one of them is likely courting one of the Duggar boys.

Immediately, rumors began circulating on who they could have been courting, and it seems some well-connected fans have narrowed things down.

There isn’t much information about Kendra and Lauren Caldwell available, but their father is a preacher in an Arkansas town.

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