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However, after confronting Hotah once more, she learned that Unalaq had orchestrated both her father's banishment and his imprisonment.

Korra subsequently decided to enlist her friends in an attempted jailbreak, only to learn that Tonraq was being transferred to the North.

When Korra learned from her mother that Tonraq was approached to be part of a kidnapping attempt of Unalaq, she immediately assumed that her father had accepted the offer.

Despite her anger with him, she did offer the rebels a chance to escape without consequences in an attempt to save her father.

She was shocked to learn that her father was not part of the group and was deemed a traitor by the other rebels.

Korra bade her parents farewell before she embarked on her voyage to the city.Later, when Korra returned to the Southern Water Tribe to close the spirit portals and stop Unalaq, her mother informed her the Southern rebels had been severely injured and her father had been captured by Unalaq.Korra stated she would get him back but was later captured and brought to the same tent Tonraq was in after attempting to infiltrate the spirit portal.Team Avatar gave chase and freed the rebels on the ship.While chided by Tonraq for her rashness, Korra, upon reaching safety, revealed the truth and offered her help to oppose Unalaq.

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