Asian dating interracial man

This really thins out my dating options and puts me in a limbo.Any other minorities out there having similar problems? Unless you're very attractive, or unless you're very engrossed in the Korean community, it's VERY difficult.

Then all White/Hispanics chicks that I'm in to seem to only date exclusively within their own ethnic group and don't even think Asian dudes as an option at all.

White girls generally want to marry a guy with the same religion or same lifestyle.

There may be pressure from her parents to keep her religion, and she may be uncomfortable being around or learning asian culture or asian religions.

That being said, it's just another negative (only in the sense of dating) trait, that's beyond your control, that needs to be overcame. Those things aren't inherently bad, but they can't be changed and are frowned upon in the dating world.

They are dealbreakering traits for some people, and they are generally negative traits for other people, but that's just the way it is.

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