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By default, VS Code will prompt you if we can update paths. Unused variables, parameters, and imports are now greyed out in Java Script and Type Script: Use a Quick Fix to remove them and clean up your code automatically: After cleanup: This can be disabled by setting .

A new Move to a new file refactoring for Java Script and Type Script lets you quickly move classes and functions to their own file: Before: After: Intelli Sense is now shown automatically in a few more places.

Welcome to the May 2018 release of Visual Studio Code.

You will notice several new features available for Preview in this milestone. Some of the key highlights include: Insiders: Want to see new features as soon as possible?

Not everyone liked this behavior and so we have added commands to support both: Back in the 1.17 release, the Integrated Terminal changed to rendering using canvas in order to boost performance.

While this was great for the majority of users, some environments had issues with this at either the hardware and OS levels and rendering ended up taking longer.

You can read more about what's new in TS 2.9 on the Type Script blog.

This command can be used as a workaround to the current limitation that one workspace cannot be opened in two windows.You can now navigate to your previous replace terms in the Search View. Font zoom commands have been added and they increase or decrease the font size of the editor while the rest of VS Code UI is left as-is.This feature is very handy for presentations and pair-programming.The new syntax aware folding should match the old indentation based folding in most cases, however indentation based folding sometimes creates more folding ranges that you may be used to.To revert back to using the old indentation based folding, set: These new preferences require Type Script 2.9 .

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Use the following keybindings to replace the default global zoom actions: on mac OS: keybinding Go to Next Problem to visit all errors and warnings in a workspace.

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