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The go-to destination for everyone who wants to murder OKCupid and burn in a fire.I’ve been getting so many emails and comments from you all asking where I’ve gone that I had to come back and say, “Hello.” And then quickly disappear back into the night.He very sweetly says how wonderful I look that night and I should tell you I just don’t take compliments well. ” like a normal person, I feel I have to reciprocate.So I decide to say “Thanks, you’re looking pretty on you, guys?He kept trying to chat me up while I was trying to watch the fights and the ramming up against the walls and let’s be honest checking out the really cute hockey players. Then that hand starts going up and down, up and down. Five minutes later, that darn hand finds its landing area again.So as I’m leaning forward intensely scoping out these hot men… I cringe and move further to my left to try and get out of the back rubbing zone. Now most women will understand my conundrum…if I move backwards to prevent my back from being an open target I’ve invited him to put his arm around my shoulder and I can’t move further away because those darn tight stadium seats are so tight the fat sweaty guy next to me will think it’s an invitation!Well, all of my blogging time, as well as staring out the window at nothing time, and my thinking of funny nicknames for my cat time.

one surprise date in my life, and it was not on an internet date. Two words that should never be mixed are “internet” and “surprise.” Unless they are in the sentence, “Surprise! ” That would be worthwhile.) After calming down and accepting the fact that I most likely wouldn’t be bound and gagged and end up in Mexico, I give this very brave guy my address. I open it just enough to fit my body out sideways so he doesn’t get the impression he can walk in and give him my dazzling smile as I squeeze through and slam it shut.My latest gentleman caller was actually a blind date set up from a friend. However, he got a little greedy and went back in for another one so I settled on the one arm side hug which is no good because it leaves one arm just hanging there and I always feel it needs a place to land. genitals touch through at least four layers of clothing, or that going in for a second hug denotes greed. I think that’s just a poor guy trying to fill some post-date awkwardness. ” And I would typically agree with you because I’m an old fashioned gal, but now I have to handle the inevitable drop off. Well it gets worse…I asked where we were going and I hear three fateful words that no man should ever say to a girl when you are planning the SECOND date…”It’s a surprise!!But Kristin is self-effacing and made me laugh, so I remain on her side.) It didn’t scare him away though, because after the standard three day wait period I get the second date phone call. Will he walk me to the door so then I feel obligated to let him in? ” Men: yes I’m talking to you…do you realize what simple words can do to a woman?While I was expecting to see him depart, he just stood there silently.If I don’t like compliments, I really don’t like awkward silence. So I open my big fat mouth and say “You’re welcome to join us”. So there we are my coworkers, bosses, my awkward date and me…one big happy family.

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And what says January 1 better than a renewed commitment to finding love through a series of winks, poorly written emails, and slightly drunk bar conversations?

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  1. Many Christians are hesitant to write a personals ad, since they want to wait for God's guidance. After all, choosing your spouse is a choice for life. The monks used to say "ora et labora" — pray and work.

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