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Alice is also currently writing a fiction novel and taking a stand-up comedy course.In her spare time, she enjoys reading, exercise, travel, and spending time with her dog, Poppy.Instead, she’s giving you a no-nonsense, no-bullshit guide to modern dating and the highs and lows of finding ‘The One’.A dating and mental health blogger (and persistent over-sharer), Cara says she looks at the world of dating from ‘a chubby girl’s perspective’, with a mission to live her life regardless of waist size or relationship status.Lauren started writing about her experiences after her friends pointed out her continuous bad luck, however she tries to remain positive and believes that bad dates are just an excuse to tell a good story. Lauren is at nobaddatesjustgoodstories.and on Twitter @Unluckiest Dater This London girl first started blogging because, after 8 years of being consistently single, it was becoming difficult for her to ignore the fact that the majority of men were, in fact, twats. The (unattainable) Girlfriend Experience tackles everything from dating joys to woes and all the problems that arise in between; including that fickle old friend, mental health.

Eve’s blog wasn’t created to complain, gloat or judge anyone, it’s there as a tool for anyone who wants to make themselves happier, better informed and ultimately more confident in their love lives.

Regularly-written dating blogs are rare, and those written from a male perspective are rarer still. Find him at and on Twitter @adatingdad Never Settle, run by Eve Greenow, was founded in 2014, six months after she came out of a 4-year toxic relationship.

A Dating Dad provides this insight in often funny, occasionally insightful and sometimes thought-provoking weekly posts, and was recognised when named as a finalist in the dating category of the UK Blog Awards 2019. She felt compelled to write about her newfound issues, her personal dilemmas of Modern Dating, and contribute her little bit to anyone who would listen, of how not to make the same mistakes.

And the blogs on these lists have been doing the rounds for years!

Most of them are company dating blogs belonging to various dating apps or websites, or they’re big shiny successful websites belonging to people who used to be dating bloggers ten years ago, but who’ve since moved onto other things (and usually marriage and babies too).

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