C user control not updating

Perhaps it has to do with the Java Script which is in the file: from the code you have provided its unlcear how ' void date_Click(object sender, Event Args e)' woudl be called and is ' Button1_Click(Button1, new Event Args());' has any significance..Basically if you can reproduce the issue in a separete aspx page and post it so that i can just copy paste the whole code to reproduce the issue.-Rasmus An update: I have it working now - in Fire Fox2. -Rasmus Hi again, Well this will clearly work, yes.In FF3 and IE7, IE8 and Opera, it is still not working. I use the following javascript function, called by the on Client Click in the OK button on the Modal popup. But the thing is, that the Control which calls the Modal Popup is a dynamically created Link Button, so it is hard to write code as above.I suggest you to add a button click to user control, and exposed the event to client.

When all of these are in the Update Panel, their Post Back should cause an Update.You can create the data-bound controls by dragging items from the Data Sources window onto the form.To create data-bound controls on the form, drag the main Customers node from the Data Sources window onto the form, and verify that the Phone Number Box control is used to display the data in the Phone column.I am using a Modal Popup Extender with a Panel for udpating some values, and upon pressing the OK button on the popup, I need the Update Panel to update.The Panel and the OK button control are in the Update Panel in the file, so as far as I know, it should cause an update. Instead, I have tried adding a hidden button, which lies as the first element in the Update Panel. Update(); **Old attempt of udpating** Button1_Click(date Modal OKButton, new Event Args()); Why does this not work?

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You must have access to the Northwind sample database to create the connection.

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