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Endometrial biopsy was performed on 34 volunteers, 17 additional women with fibroids.

Endometrial expression of IHH, SMO, PTCH1, GLI1, and GLI2 by in situ hybridization and/or RT-PCR and IHH, GLI1, and PTCH1 immunohistochemistry were evaluated.

Objective: Our objective was to investigate endometrial expression of Indian Hedgehog (] during the menstrual cycle and the effects of the selective progesterone receptor modulator CDB-2914 on its expression.

Design and Setting: Comparisons between normally cycling volunteers and women with symptomatic fibroids who received CDB-2914 or placebo were made at a clinical research center.

Evidence has emerged that expression in murine endometrium, thus stimulating endometrial cell proliferation and differentiation via its downstream targets SMO, PTCH1, GLI1, and GLI2 (8).

This progesterone-dependent up-regulation of expression localizes to the luminal and glandular epithelium of murine endometrium (9) and may underlie an important role in murine implantation (6,10).

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Among volunteers, IHH and GLI1 immunohistochemistry scores were higher in the secretory than proliferative phase in the nuclei and cytoplasm of glands and stroma (P=0.0002-0.04).

Compared with follicular-phase controls, women exposed to CDB-2914 showed increased IHH expression in all compartments except stromal cytoplasm (P=0.0199-0.0423); GLI1 was up-regulated in glandular nuclei and cytoplasm compared with both volunteers and women receiving placebo (P≤0.0416).

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