Cambodian guys dating

Cambodia has some of the prudest Southeast Asian girls you will find, and we aren’t just saying that in a ‘the tallest midget’ type of way.

The single girls in Phnom Penh would be considered prude anywhere around the world.

The problem is where do you find local Khmer girls out after dark that aren’t hookers?

We keep mentioning it but that is because it is very true, and in a traditional country girls don’t go out after dark to party.

Your options for day game are going to be very limited, and honestly not even worth pursuing.

Usually in this section we suggest malls or beaches, but there are few malls here and no beaches to go to.

For some it is just to get out and explore, for others it is because of the easy (slutty) girls the area is known for.

First off you have to deal with the fact that they probably don’t speak English.On top of that they are very shy and traditional and foreign men walking up to them in a crowded mall will be overwhelming.Our advice is to approach with caution and if the sexy ladies you see don’t seem interested back off.If you are an inexperienced traveler you may not even realize this and end up banging a hooker unknowingly.On the plus side you had sex, on the negative side she will either ask you for money in the morning or be too shy to do so and hope you know the deal and pay her.

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Plus there are plenty of female backpackers you can try your luck with that will be a lot sluttier.

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