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You can connect Preview CC to Photoshop using a USB connection or over Wi-Fi.

While connecting to Photoshop for the first time, Preview CC requires that the Device Preview panel in Photoshop is open.

Trends compares your latest 90-day averages to longer-term performance over the past 365 days.

If you’re losing ground, you’ll receive tailored coaching suggestions to get you back on track.

Keep in mind that the more devices you have simultaneously connected, the more bandwidth it will take to send images, which might reduce the speed of the preview process.

To preview a design simultaneously on two devices—for example, an an i Pad and an i Phone—make sure that both the devices are connected to Photoshop over Wi-Fi or using USB.

The new Trends feature shows whether any metric is headed up or down over time, so you can keep it going or turn it around.

Your watch monitors your environment’s ambient noise and tracks the duration of your exposure.

Preview CC app is the fastest way to preview mobile and web designs accurately and simultaneously on multiple i OS devices.

With Preview CC, you can make sure your designs appear exactly the way you want on your target i OS devices.

It all comes together in a simple, graphical chart in the redesigned Health app on your i Phone.

Using information you’ve logged, the Cycle Tracking app on Apple Watch can alert you when it predicts that your next period or fertile window is about to start.* You can even track results from an ovulation prediction kit and readings from a basal body thermometer.

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Any subsequent connections don’t require this panel to be open.

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