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An important member of his community It wasn't just Ötzi's medical history scientists were interested in.Ötzi's lungs were blackened with soot particles, probably from spending long periods in front of open fires, while his hair contained significant traces of arsenic, suggesting he had been involved in metal smelting and copper extraction.

Erika and Helmut Simon from Nuremberg were taking a shortcut on their way down from the Finail Peak near the Austrian-Italian border when they spotted something unusual.

From the Similaunhütte a hiking trail runs along the ridge to the find site (3,200 m - 1 hour walking time).

Equipment: Ankle-high hiking boots with treaded sole, rain and sun protection, warm clothing.

From parasite eggs found in Ötzi's gut, scientists discovered he had suffered from a whipworm infestation.

Perhaps most incredibly, from just one fingernail found at the scene, scientists could conclude that Ötzi had been ill at least three times in the months before his death. Deep grooves running horizontally across the nail, Beau's Lines can indicate periods of disease, infection or other physical illness.

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