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To conduct radioisotope dating, scientists evaluate the concentration of isotopes in a material.The number of protons in an atom determines which element it is, while the number of neutrons determines which isotope it is.“It’s a slow process, but not necessarily a negligible one when you’re talking about geological time scales,” says Robert Hayes, an associate professor of nuclear engineering at NC State and author of a paper describing the work.

“Some mathematical and geophysical considerations in radioisotope dating applications” : 10.13182/NT16-98 Abstract: Some quality considerations for use in isotopic dating are presented to identify and correct heretofore unidentified overestimate scenarios.

Carbon is also the basis of fuels such as coal and oil since both coal and oil are rich in carbon. Portable analysers exist that give rapid semi-quantitative analysis and grade identification of metals on-site.

Charge coupled device (CCD) technology drives portable emission spectrometers to measure the whole spectrum necessary for the analysis of all common metals including iron and important components such as carbon in steel.

Carbon combines with some metals to make carbides such as tungsten carbide. This makes it desirable as tips for cutting tools such as drill bits.

Carbon as diamond is one of the hardest known materials and diamond is an excellent abrasive.

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The ratios of strontium-86 to rubidium and strontium-87 are thought to only be influenced by the radioactive decay of the rubidium-87 into strontium-87.

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