Catholic and baptist dating

Perseverance of the Saints: Baptists believe true believers will never fall away or lose their salvation.

This is sometimes called, "Once saved, always saved." The proper term, however, is the final perseverance of the saints. It doesn't mean the believer won't stumble, but an inward pull will not allow him to quit the faith.

Colson, who converted to Christianity before he was indicted on Watergate-related charges, became one of evangelicalism's most influential voices.

You can start with the creeds and confessions, which spell out their basic beliefs in a short summary The Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed both date back to the fourth century Christian denominations differ in how they view the authority of the scripture.

While both men and women are gifted to serve in the church, the office of pastor is limited to men.Authority of Scripture: Southern Baptists view the Bible as the ultimate authority in shaping a person's life.It is God's divinely inspired revelation of himself to man. Baptism: A primary Baptist distinction is their practice of adult believer's baptism and their rejection of infant baptism.Ordination of Women: Baptists believe Scripture teaches that men and women are equal in value, but have different roles in the family and the church.Pastoral leadership positions are reserved for men.

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