Celebrities dating shorter men

She was dating someone else when the pair first met, so he waited patiently, then pursued her once she was single, and they dated for several years before getting married.Lasichanh is a model and designer and tends to stay out of the public eye.Turner is quite tall at 5’9″ while Jonas is two inches shorter.The two are supposedly around the same height, but when we see them in pictures, it seems pretty clear that Prinsloo is at least a bit taller, particularly in heels.She is reported to be quite tall, at 5’11”, but doesn’t let having a shorter husband stop her from wearing heels.Claudia Schiffer is a former supermodel, and like many models, unusually tall at 5’11”, but that didn’t scare director Matthew Vaughn away.Funny woman Tina Fey and her composer husband Jeff Richmond have quite a noticeable height disparity.Jeff Richmond is relatively short, measuring in at 5’3″, while Tina Fey stands 5’5″, and of course is taller depending on her shoes.

They met when Teigen starred as Legend’s love interest in the music video for his hit song Stereo all the way back in 2007.

When a man and woman go on a first date, is it a deal breaker if the woman is taller?

That’s a question many women ask themselves when searching for their ideal partner.

This adorable couple tied the knot in 2014 and they have two daughters together.

The two say they plan to have at least a few more children, and have dreams of building a big family.

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