Changesets and updating work items

You can notice that the e-signature field is , for now, not visible in the Approvals page.

Once the Task is completed, the approver has to approve the result.

The configuration of this approval requires 3 main steps: Let’s create a new task and set the same approval again.

Get the area hierarchy or iteration hierarchy for your team project.

Get the available types of work item links that are available in your project collection. Some of the metadata is scoped to a specific team project, and other metadata is scoped to a project collection (like your Azure Dev Ops Services account's default collection). Each work item type may belong to a category such as "requirement" or "bug" to define its role in the project.

Work items retain a full history, and you can get each full revision of the work item, or just the updates that were made in each revision. Use categories of work items to get the types of work items used in a team project for different functions.

For example, to see the work items that appear on the backlog, get the requirements category.

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Let say, we want to enforce the approval of Scrum tasks in the JUnit Project, i.e.

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