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• Georgina Path: If Georgina masturbated early on Day 7 and you didn’t reject her, she doesn’t have the audio recording, then she obviously can’t send it to you.Dad will see Martin as Maria is out of the office – Dad will resign – Martin says he’ll take care of Maria – You will get a small severance package, but it will stop you from doing certain activities (and viewing special scenes) with D in Chapter 2 due to lack of funds.Virtual Call (If you drove D home) • Give it to her ( 3FP) ( 1LP) • Talk about the job • Virtual Kiss o Choose your favorite part  • Plans for tomorrow • Remove Bra • Remove panties • Masturbate • Faster Dad’s Hotel Room (If you took D to the hotel) • Talk about the job • Plans for tomorrow • Massage o Massage Boobs o Massage her ass o Keep massaging her ass • Watch TV o Keep watching • Kiss her o Choose your favorite part  o Touch her boobs ( 1 boobs point) o Touch her ass ( 1 ass point) • Remove her bra • Go down • Remove her panties • Kiss her • Lick or Bite her nipple • Kiss her belly • Rub her clit • Finger her o Faster • Add another finger o Faster • Kiss her ( 1LP) • Cum on her breasts  • Wash your favorite part  o Wash boobs ( 1 boobs point) On the Street • Give it to her ( 3FP) ( 1LP) F’s Room • Stay in bed a little longer. • Answer the phone • Choose F Photography Studio • Enter the studio • Buy the membership (Available if you have the severance pay.It also gives you an extra clothing set when D has her first photoshoot later in the game) F’s Room • Open the door • Kiss her o Cop a feel Lunch • Kiss her o Touch her thigh or Touch her boobs ( 1EXH) • Talk about the food • Talk about Cassandra • Kiss Her o Cop a Feel or Touch her thigh ( 1EXH) o Stop o NOTE: If you choose to continue, you’ll get an extra 1EXH but you’ll need to have 10EXH points otherwise D will get mad at you and you’ll lose -10LP.

▪ E massages D: • Massage her ass (If you are on E’s path) • Finger her (If you are on E’s path) ▪ You massage D: • Go down • Massage her breast • Massage her feet o Third round: You have to decide who gave you the best massage.• Dance o Kiss her o Grab her boobs ( 1 boob points) or Grab her ass ( 1 ass points) • Let’s chat o Elena o Working for Cassandra o Drive-In Theater • Ignore him ( 5LP) Drive-In Theater (Evening) • Offer her some driving lessons • Elena • Working for Cassandra • Talk about the bar • Kiss her ( 1LP) • Touch her boobs ( 1 boob points) or Touch her pussy o If you play with her nipples, you’ll get ( 1EXH) Dad’s Hotel (Evening) • Give her the note ( 5LP) • Kiss her • Go in (Small pissing scene with Daughter) or Wait for her • Compliment her feet (Footjob 3) • Faster • Reassure her ( 5LP) • Handjob or Boobjob or Footjob (READ DESCRIPTION AT THE BEGINNING OF DAY 17 TO GET THE FOOTJOB OPTION) • Play with her pussy • Finger her o Faster o Stop • Kiss her pussy • Lick her clit • Faster Dad’s Hotel (Morning) • Get up • Lick it • Lick it • Suck it • Do it • Keep doing it • Do it faster • Open your eyes • Open your eyes Corruption Level 9 Unlocked • Tell her • Grab her hand Shower • Cup her breast ( 1LP) • Wash her ass • Play with her pussy ( 1LP) • Grab her Dad’s Hotel (Morning) • Kiss her belly ( 2FP) ( 1LP) • Make her cum School • Give her a kiss On the train (with Daughter) • Keep kissing her • Touch her breast • Lock the door • Don’t do it • Swallowing: Yes On the train (with Elena) • Knock on the door • Lock the door • Fuck her from behind or Reverse cowgirl o Penetrate her o Blowjob or Continue (It will lead to creampie) Restaurant • Talk about school • Talk about leaving • Talk about the festival • Wipe it off Hotel Room (Evening) • Question 1: If you choose “Truth” you will gain ( 2FP).If you choose “Dare” you won’t gain any points, however you will unlock an extra scene later in the game.There are 3 specific choices that you need to make, I’ve highlighted them in the walkthrough below.D’s Room (With Dad) • Call him (If you chose Dad to be the one to pick you up) • Beep the horn o Try again • Climb up • Look through the window • Cup her boobs ( 1 boob points) or Cup her ass ( 1 ass points) • Massage her boobs ( 1 boob points) or Massage her ass ( 1 ass points) School • Change the subject: Daughter will not use dirty words when she’s is in bed with you in the evening • Keep talking about masturbation: Daughter will try to use dirty words when she’s in bed with you in the evening.

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