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In my second year, we had a full bench-clearing brawl," he said. We do these charity jersey auctions after games sometimes. "I'm going to say there's two kinds," said Balch, the team president. But they're coming because they know and play the game. In the summer, almost every player has another job. Mostly, they're doing things such as landscaping, like Stefan did, or working back home for family businesses, like Kaiser last summer at Molson Coors with his mother and sister. The Von Braun Center seats 10,000 and doubles as the performing arts center for Huntsville.

"Well, it sort of was: My team went into the other team's bench. "I'm going to say it's your person that grew up watching the game, and they know the game. Being humble is a time-tested hockey player cliché, but Balch said that's what the Havoc players are, and what they need to be to sell the game to a nontraditional market. It's cavernous, with a second deck that tests one's cardio fitness when walking to the top.

They started before minor league hockey did," said Ashley Balch, president of the Havoc.

The tickets run , compared with for general admission seats."Somebody has to die to get those," said Edie Ryan, a Havoc season-ticket holder.

And they think 'Alabama,' and they think 'really redneck,' you know? And they're really strong hockey fans down here."If his townies aren't yet swayed, Nolan goes to his sales pitch talking points."Good weather. When the WHA merged with the NHL in 1979, the Bulls were left behind, partially out of fear that hockey wouldn't work in the South.

I can see why," said Havoc defenseman Nolan Kaiser, a native of Calgary. (Thanks, Atlanta Flames.) Which was a shame, because by the time the merger happened, the Bulls had ditched much of the goon act and amassed an impressive group of young players: Rick Vaive, Michel Goulet and Rob Ramage among them."Those teams were so good that, had they played in the NHL, I have no doubt they would have won the Stanley Cup," said Eli Gold, former NHL announcer and current Birmingham Bulls voice.

Another part is the mascots (there are two of them).

Not to mention the "shenanigans" and the giveaways and the gimmicks."You try and have something that you're doing that night. "Tonight, we're doing a thing where for 50 cents you can have cheese added to anything. It's not something that'll drive people here, but it's something for the people who are here."Some of the fans are watching the game in a way I'd never seen before: Chairs and bar tables against the glass, with servers bringing over beer and chicken nachos.

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That kind of resonates with folks from around here."Oh, the shenanigans. It shoots into the air when the Havoc score a goal, pluming up into a small mushroom cloud. " to complete the number of a local personal injury attorney. A goal scorer in the first period for Huntsville struggled to get off a rudimentary wrist shot on two open chances during a second-period shift, looking more like he was trying to plunge a toilet than score a goal.

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