Christian view on dating while separated

Of course, the Bible has absolutely nothing to say about dating at all because dating is really a 20th Century phenomenon.

The closest Scripture we can find that’s even remotely related to dating while separated occurs in 1 Corinthians -19: “A wife must not leave her husband.

And the husband must not leave his wife.”The above Scripture is pretty clear here that separation is allowed but not desired.To ignore these differences, which inevitably affect the life-style situations incumbent upon persons by reason of their marital status, is to hazard disaster resulting in confusion worse confounded. With the certitude of our Catholic Faith, neither should it be a stumbling block to us, though we must remember, and with compassionate understanding, that for some the cross and Christ crucified are only signs of contradiction.In a positive way, witnessing the mercy of God in truth.The Widowed The parish community has the potential of healing, of relieving in a significant way the loneliness of the widowed within their midst. for love of God to abstain for the rest of their lives from sexual pleasure, in order to devote themselves more freely to the meditation of divine things and better experience the elevations of the spiritual life." Presuming the absence of any impediment, the widowed spouse is free to enter a second marriage.Though providing cultural and social opportunities of participation for the widowed can be very helpful. Pastoral counsel should always be sought and a charitable consideration should be given to attitudes of children and relatives.

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