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This all takes lots of acceptance and goodwill and love.

In one word a good marriage is a lot of work, there's no easy way!

I will continue to believe that Chino is the man I believe him to be until something tells me different and trust that I will make sound and smart decisions going forward and I say that because of what I have learned from my past relation ships( including a long brutal marriage ) that I have had here in Canada which would make some of these awful Cuban stories look like a Disney love story. We married, he came, he saw, he disappeared and had it all planned. To the person who wrote this comment on May 22, 2017: May 22, 2017 Rating Holguin NEW by: Anonymous Well who knows no man can be trusted really British or foreign.

Fast forward 8 years and I am now a witness for Canadian Border Services and have to face him in the immigration hearing. I just met an English chap got treated like crap and his mood swings were scary.

He seemed genuine and we had a long-distance relationship.

So it's very important that there's mutual attraction and similarities and at the same time acceptance of the other partner. A long distance relation is very difficult and often (not always) a dead end. I too have meet what seems to be my soul mate in Varadero.I have never felt this way before, knowing that I'm very picky and fortunate to have lots of good options all around me.Never thought that I could find something like this in Cuba.Fortunately, he has a privilege life on the island without facing major financial difficulties like other Cubans. I've stayed at his beautiful home when I'm on the island and have met his lovely family.We connect really well in my levels and the relationship is extremely special.

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