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Byrne notes that “in most of the cases the relationships were hidden from colleagues”, so the two employees felt the need to control their emotions at work, partly to protect their professional reputations and partly to protect their personal reputations, particularly when the relationships were extra marital.Byrne explains: “Part of controlling emotions at work is the importance of remaining ‘professional’.This potentially causes huge problems in terms of the employees’ reputations and their relationships with co-workers.

More dangerous is where one of the former partners deliberately harms the other, for example by discussing intimate aspects of the relationship and break-up with colleagues including lascivious sexual details.

Byrne had always been interested in romantic relationships between colleagues, and its effect on wellbeing and workplace dynamics.

Discovering a paucity of research on the topic, she conducted a qualitative study of failed workplace romances using Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis.

Conversely, “for the people who were able to continue performing well, retaining a strong sense of work self esteem and professional identity seemed to protect them against some of the negative impact of the relationship fall out, partly because “Their professional pride was intact”.

The breakdown of an office romance often affects co-workers, and can be socially divisive in a workplace.

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  1. Within 2 months of being married the atmosphere in our house changed not for the good. It was just a dark shadow figure that attached to my ex’s daughter and have her nightmares. I hated to see Nick go, but we all have to do what we feel is right. The shirt was a tad snug (my fault for not reading the info re: running small) but still wearable.