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Basically, Db Command Builder will call Initialize Command with a null parameter when the commands are being generated.

If that parameter is null, then I assume we are generating new commands.

To this end, we've added a custom property to My Sql Command Builder called Return Generated Identifiers.

Write Line("Pass#1 before update :" ", Row State=" row. Row State); Table Test Data Set.tabletest Row row2 = dt. Write Line("Pass#2 before update :" row2", Row State=" row2. If you checked Return Generated Identifiers a bug appear, if Return Generated Identifiers is true, Updated Row Source must be set to none... Everything should be handled automatically with as little code as possible.

Has there been any progress on this front, or is there some workaround? Table Adapters in the designer are completely useless for anything more than SELECT statements, until this is fixed. To get auto incremented value updated in the datatable after used tableadapter. But when I check it, then close all dialogs (OK, Terminate) and reopen the dialog, the checkbox is not checked anymore.

Well, it's a horrible kludge, but I've done the whole project this way, and it seem to be working: public static void Fix Table Adapter Insert Command(My Sql Data Adapter adapter) Then use like this: Fix Table Adapter Insert Command(money Flow Table Adapter. Index Of("last_insert_id()") = 0 Then Throw New Argument Exception("adapter. So, I think the bug is not in the Table Adapter runtime code, but in the Table Adapter design time.

You can access the patch from: 750 Reggie Burnett 2009-08-25 [merge] removing fix for bug #37865. I've decided to go a different way in 6.1Rolled this fix out as it was causing some problems.

We will be removing the Return Identifiers property in 6.1 and moving to a more Sql Client way of doing things.

We are not making this change in 5.2 and 6.0 now as we don't like making feature changes in GA releases. Write Line("Pass#1 after update :" ", Row State=" row. Write Line("Pass#2 after update :" row2", Row State=" row2. You can use My SQLCommand Builder, but the first autoincrement id rows is unchanged, and not updated by the autoincrement value of server. So, if the first returned row is the result of a 'SELECT last_insert_id()', then the generated key will be returned and merged back in. The whole point of using My Sql Command Builder is to not mess with command objects. What this does is tell the data adapter update engine to take the first returned row and merge it's values back into the changed row. The Updated Row Source property exists on the command object.But I think the simple explanation is in the "Advanced option" of the Table Adapter configuration dialog.The third checkbox "Actualiser les données" (Update data after Insert or Update) is not remembered. First Returned Record End Sub Bit of a hack, but as long as I fix the tableadapters this way, they do function correctly.

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Update(Data Table) does not refresh the Primary Key of just added rows. Fill(Data Table) before Updates, it's work, but I do not want to retreive hundred of rows before add one or two rows. BUT you change after this exception Update Row Source to First Returned Record so why putting this exception if you change the value after?

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