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All this time it was owned by uarr81-uanic, it was hosted by Mamba CJSC.

I have some good examples of marriages between different people from different countries and that's Hi to you at first. ) And i have no idea, I am kind gentle and sensual woman.

I'm a very humble, generous and open minded, but can be very different, depends on situation.

I am of medium height, medium build, dark brown-haired with hazel-green eyes) looking for a I'm looking for relationships and love. I am confident, artistic and like being the center of attention.

My growth 180, I love strict dress style, I athletic body type, negative am on alcohol I'm looking for a I am your half) My demands for life are high, but I do not care, I expect a little more than others, but not to such an extent that it annoys) I am courageous and feminine at the same time.

I'm a good girl for everyone, I need man with good and strong character who will be happy to be my man and father for my little daughter. Here i am looking for real feelings which captivate all my attention and time!

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