Dating a cancer man tips

You found out that the shy and introverted guy that you recently came across is a Cancerian. He seems very diffident and reserved; but, you find him very charming, and want to have a relationship with him.

Well, if you follow these careful steps, you are sure to win him over.

You should try and sympathize with him and not brush off his sentiments as a sign of weakness.• Sensitivity and dreaminess are some of the most characteristic Cancer traits.

They usually make good partners for a serious relationship or marriage as they are family oriented.

While some men have difficulty showing their feelings, the Cancer man is not one of them.

He is quiet and unassuming, but don’t think there isn’t much to him.

Once you start a conversation with him he will brighten up the room with fun stories and lively debate.

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If you love a quiet and secure life, he is simply the best mate for you.

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