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Lastly, there’s just something mesmerizing about a partner who has unique likes, interests and talents.If you’re being a chameleon and only like what your partner likes or only has the same interests that your partner does, then you’re not a very mesmerizing partner.And you’re the only one who can do anything about it.

Because of your low self-esteem, your sex life is also struggling.

There are ways to help yourself and your low self-esteem so that you can get out of your own head and get into your relationship.

There are great books like Self-Compassion and humorous books like Self Affirmations from Stuart Smalley.

And because your spouse wants to, you go along and pretend that you’re happy. In other words, every spouse does things they don’t want to do for the sake of their spouse.

And to some degree this is healthy in a relationship. At the core of this, you’re trying to be someone they want you to be so that you’ll be loved.

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