Dating a nonchristian

Not because I was "led astray" or whatever.) My goal is not exactly to convince people.

"The rules" say don't be unequally yoked, so maybe there are some of you who just KNOW this is BAD, and that Perfect Number is ignoring the clear teaching of Scripture and just following what she feels, like she's in a Disney movie or something.

But when we announced our engagement I received a few emails from the pastor saying the Bible is clear that the relationship is wrong and that I need to end it. I knew that, out of love, I would receive some hostility from Christian friends, but it is getting to the point where I do not want to go back to church, because of the volume of people telling me to end the relationship—when they cannot give me a reason for doing so, other than him being a non-Christian. I was overwhelmed with joy, laughter, and excitement.I am friend to all the pastors and their families, and many members of the congregation.they know my beliefs and welcome me with open arms.Christian couples get divorced as often as anyone else. My wife is a devoted Christian, and I am sort of atheist (I don’t deny the possibility of a higher power, but don’t presume to know what it is or to believe in any of the religious doctrines). I routinely go to her church, not to practice faith, but for the wonderful company and often great conversations on various topics.

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