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Sure there are exceptions to every rule, and don’t let statistics stop you from playing the lottery but there are too many good men who are willing to step up and lead the relationship to waste time chasing the players.

Things were looking good; he was the first guy I liked since my break up with my ex a year ago. I let my feelings cloud my judgement and began chasing him, it was as if one day all my insecurities and doubts resurfaced from the past, ones that I had worked so hard to overcome within the year of my break up. However this guy went ghost on me after this (can’t blame him) and I found that very disrespectful.

It means you’ve put out a request for him to show interest and you shouldn’t pay him any more attention until he does exactly that.

In the dating game, women view winning as a relationship. A man will chase a woman and end up in a relationship but a woman will chase a relationship and end up with a man.

Now that we’ve covered some of the myths about men and talked about how guys work, let’s talk about the chase.

As you know by this point, men are hard wired to be mission orientated.

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I moved on with my life and have not bothered to text him again after he blew my last text off.

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  1. She called her mother on several occasions, always from a pay station, to say she was having a swell time. Sally’s last missive was the most disturbing: she and “Warner” were leaving for Baltimore.