Dating an ex from 20 years ago

We are all in the same boat, I ran into my ex flame from HS and it's been years, talking years over 30 and we both felt the same.

I know that one of these days I will hop in my car and go see my friend, and let her know how I have felt about her all these years, and that I never called before because I didn't want to intrude.

Anyway, I kept telling myself too why is this happening, I haven't felt this way in years. Check out the website the video and read the articles, you are not alone........will shade some light. I started surfing too and those or that old thing came back.

Back to u, u must take things into consideration of how her life has changed in those 15 years. I suppose the good feelings she created in u just stirred up.

We are both married and nothing will happen, but I can't stop myself from thinking about what-if.

Like you, I try to turn it into a positive by improving my life somehow. People will curse you and tell you that you shouldn't do this, you should do that, but you and I know that if it were that simple, we wouldn't be reaching out here for help right now.

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