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Signatures written in ink (autograph or not) or stamped and are not a guarantee of the best quality.

Hi I have just been given a Wayne W-20 and it does not have any of the other numbers that I have seen in the post, It doesn't have made in any other contry just the lable with the mountain and last words on the label (for the player) is there any way I can find out the age of it as it is in very good conition and have been playing it for the past week and sounds grate, just that someone said to me that I sound get it checked out as it maybe some what old enough to be put up and played on the odd time and not full time.

Some of their professional models were known as Firebrands because of the Firebranded Aria logo on the reverse of the headstock.

The Firebrand guitars were produced in very small runs.

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The guitars above represent instruments built in Japan for the Japanese domestic market only.

John Williams Discography Edited by Tashima Tetsuya. Obviously with no serial number it would be hard to pinpoint a year but right now I'm just looking for a time frame, not an exact date. Related Article: Best Classical Guitar I’m wanting to know more about this Joh Hammig guitar I found the other day. Hoping someone here can enlighten me with some insight and details about this type of guitar. Can anyone confirm if the sides and back are indeed solid and not laminate? If anyone has any idea when the model might have been made, please let me know (I know the serial numbers are kind of elusive re: what they tell about when the guitar was made). Link Free Page [Test]You can submit your URL of Guitar page! Event and Competition Guide Yamaguchi Guitar Conpetition Last year Result Yamaguchi-ken JAPAN. It’s honestly in terrible condition, but the wood that was used on the fretboard and everywhere else seems of really descent quality. I’m considering restoring it but I have no idea what the guitar would have originally cost. I believe this model has a solid top as well as solid Brazilian Rosewood sides and back.any help would be much app cheers Kelvin That mountain on the label represents Mt. The guitar factory was located nearby and took their name from the English spelling translation.If you check the writing on the label the word 'conscience' is missing the letter 's'.

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They began retailing acoustic guitars in 1960, although the company did not start manufacturing their own until 1964.

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