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Here’s what they said, followed by my thoughts on how they might overcome these dating problems and attract their best relationship. The other B, the brain, is just as important, especially as you’re getting to know a woman. Anyone who’s looking for a true connection is more likely to find it with someone closer to their age. ◊♦◊ People in big cities say it’s hard to meet anyone.

In terms of attraction, when you connect deeply at this level, attraction can grow. Ladies, you can’t do anything about the men who want a midlife-crisis-Barbie-Doll. ◊♦◊ Guys, if you’re comparing all the women you date to your ex, or you’re still blaming her for your problems, please get therapy and work this stuff out. Look beyond degrees and discover whether the person you’re dating has character and integrity. People in remote cities say they have no one to date.

As you sift through the available partners, some are great, but there are also a lot of wounded birds, angry or bitter from a divorce or the worst — perennial bachelors who won't settle on a date if their lives depended on it.

At first, you think it’s sweet, then you realise she’s actually running his life – and there’s no room for another woman. Commitment ready: He has a few good, long-term relationships under his belt. But if he’s over 35 and his living space is, well, unliveable to anyone but him, it’s not a great sign. Is his kitchen so unbelievably filthy you won’t even risk a cup of tea? He’s either looking to be rescued (or secretly thinks housework is ‘woman’s work’) or he hasn’t moved past teenager. His friends: He has strong friendships with both old and new friends.

And don’t be fooled by physical distance: it’s sometimes the most dependent children who live the other side of the world from their parents. The guy who does everything on a whim is attractive when you’re young, it suggests freedom and spontaneity.

He realises it’s unhealthy to have a mother who influences everything he does, so he flees, thinking that will solve the problem. When you’re older, someone who is conscientious, reliable, dependable and trustworthy is far more appealing. Has his s*** together: His home is decently furnished and reasonably tidy.

ALSO READ: How to stop comparing your relationship to others’ If you’re looking to date a man over 35, don’t - unless the answer is ‘yes’ to most or all of the following. No Mama's boy: If he gets on well with and respects his mother, it means he likes women.

He has a good relationship with his mother but has cut the apron strings. Men with toxic mothers inevitably try to turn you into her: then deal out all the punishment they wish they had the guts to inflict on Mommy Dearest. If he can’t settle on other things in his life, he isn’t going to be a reliable, steady partner.

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