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Men with bipolar disorder are also more likely than bipolar women to be addicted to substances, including illegal drugs and alcohol.

A 2004 study published in the journal Bipolar Disorder showed that bipolar men were approximately twice as likely to be addicted to either illegal drugs or alcohol than women.

In addition, in truly manic phases, those with bipolar disorder can sometimes be prone to violence.

Second, men are less likely to have rapid-cycling bipolar disorder than women are.

Men and women have bipolar disorder at roughly even rates.

However, there are some significant differences in the types of bipolar disorder that men manifest as opposed to women.

Another study from the same journal showed that 72.8% of bipolar men had had some sort of substance abuse problem at some point in their lifetimes, compared to 27.2% among women.

(These numbers are consistent, since the first study dealt with current substance abuse, while the second dealth with limetime abuse).

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In other words, hypomanic states for men tend to be more “pure” emotionally than those same states for women.

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