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For example, even if you have five children, it is possible that none of them will have children of their own, in which case your number of grandchildren will be zero.

On the other hand, if they each have five children of their own, then you will have twenty-five grandchildren – a lot more.

Fortunately, a bit of mathematical logic can clarify who should be called what, and why – and even measure the degree of genetic similarity between different relatives.

To begin at the beginning (well, your beginning, anyway), you surely had two parents, a mother and father: and so on (and similarly for “fathers” instead of “mothers” at any level).

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However, there are a number of other relationships including double first cousins and others. Double Cousins A double cousinship occurs only when a set of siblings marries another set of siblings and both have children. In your case, this is a brother and sister marrying a sister and brother. Cross and Parallel Cousins First cousins can also be cross cousins.

Double cousins actually share the same gene pool as siblings. Cross cousins are those cousins who descend from a brother and sister.

When the siblings are the same, as in two brothers or two sisters, the offspring, in addition to being first cousins, are also known as parallel cousins.

Affecting Further Generations While double first cousins are double because they share both sets of grandparents, that is generally where such special references end.

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