Dating campagnolo brakes

Some previous versions on Veloce and Centaur up to the 2006 model year either were, or could be made so by swapping the body of the Ergolever itself for the part numbers above, as was also true of late Mirage 10s levers, again up until model year 2006.

Some other internal parts also require changing, as EC-RE631-based levers have some dimension differences in the central pivot around which all the other parts rotate.

A: When Campagnolo started down the path of developing 11 speed, they looked at virtually every part of the transmission and redesigned it to cope with the extra demands of 11 speed.

Hence, the cranks and cassette bodies are the same, but 11 speed requires new chainrings, sprockets, chain, front and rear gears and Ergopower levers.

Q: What is the compatibility between 10speed and 11speed?

A: The correct procedure depends on who you are, and how you came to own your Campagnolo parts.

If you: Incorrect derailleur / lever combinations either will not index correctly as a result of the differing cable pull ratios, or, where the pull ratio is broadly the same (Potenza and the other Rev 11 systems), the indexing is difficult to set correctly and will tend to drift very rapidly, losing accuracy and speed of shift, with increased wear and tear and with dirt accumulation on the gear cable runs.

It is to gain these drillings that the bodies of these mid-range ergolevers need to be changed for the Record / Chorus items.

The internal workings of the Escape type levers (which use bodies EC-CE031 & 032) are very different from earlier versions and there is no cross-compatibility between these Ergopower bodies with the previous types.

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