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Clay pipes were first developed in the early 17th century and were in use into the late 19th century.

The design motif is also consistent with this period, matching Coleman’s (1999) “typical Napoleonic period designs” (1790-1820). Archaeologists have used European pipes to illuminate many aspects of early Virginia life, including social status and consumer behavior.Given a range of pipe options why did some individuals choose to pay more for pipes imported from England?It is a small fragment of the upper wall and rim of the bowl mouth. The fragment incorporates a design motif consisting of upturned flames (that would have originated lower on the bowl), and a decorative band around the rim. Because the fragment is small, there is some ambiguity in the type. A mold seam is present indicating that this piece comes from the back of the bowl (closest to the stem). Decorative molded pipe bowls like these became common after 1730 and were evolving into more elaborate forms after 1820. Though less likely, the steepness of the rear wall suggests that it might also be of several other types (10-14) that were in use between 17.

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During that period there were few sources for Samoans to obtain imported kaolin tobacco pipes.

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