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They have worked, cleared things up, and then a new problem typically pops up. I love learning how people met their significant others, especially in the age of social media, online dating, and missed connections.I still thought about that cute boy from Texas from time to time, but I was so determined to be truly single!As fate would have it, it was a couple months into this very determined dating hiatus that Will reached out to me again.Realizing the misunderstanding, Will asked if they had a full bar, we ordered gin and tonics, and spent the next several hours chatting and laughing.I found him brilliantly smart, extremely polite, interest There was definitely a spark, but I wasn’t looking for anything serious and continued to go on more (good, bad, and seriously awful) first dates throughout most of my first year in New York.It has been exactly 2 months since my first appointment with my new cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. On February 11th, I got my first chemical peel and started on my new skincare regimen (which I shared extensively through stories on Instagram; saved in my highlights).

But getting […] The 5 star reviews are rolling in and they. But I have picked up a few tips and tricks over the years and there are products I’ve discovered that I actually do buy again when they run out.If you are not sure you feel like reading this post, I’ll just tell you right out… And when you find it, you can probably get it the next day.I have made $XXX selling clothes […] Amazon is just too easy. I remember in college when I could get Amazon Prime for free as a student and I never even used it because there was nothing good […] My sister and I often have the same conversation about how we would love to have 5 different houses, so that we could decorate them all in totally different styles, all equally loved. One day I could be decked out in grunge, holey jeans, and band […] So.When planning for the wedding, I knew I wanted to make sure that I have a chic slipper for getting ready in and to slip…The Must-Have Spring Staple We All Need This Season *Sponsored by Zappos Spring is officially here, which means it’s time to stock up on lots of pretty dresses, florals, and some fun accessories.

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After mentioning it a couple times in past blog posts, I finally sat down to write the little story of how Will and I met.

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