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The Coroner may also issue a certificate of the fact of death.

This is in effect an interim document certifying the fact of death.

If the Coroner decides that a reportable death should be investigated, the police carry out the investigation and submit a death investigation report to the Coroner.

The Coroner considers this report and decides whether an inquest should be held, calling on expert opinion where necessary.

Find out what you need to do when someone close to you passed away, and the services that the Government offers to help you through such difficult times, including death registration, burial arrangement, estate management and financial assistance.

The task of the Coroner's Court is to inquire into the causes and circumstances of certain deaths.

(Number of Deaths per 100000 Population)Classification of diseases and causes of death is based on the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) 10th Revision from 2001 onwards.

Anyone responsible for reporting a death to the Coroner (see Appendix II) should do so as soon as they reasonably can after they know of the death.

The fact that a death is reportable to the Coroner does not necessarily mean that an inquest has to be held, except for certain categories of death.

Notes: The mortality figures in this table are based on number of "registered" deaths.

The disease codes according to the classification are shown in brackets.

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Properly interested persons may upon payment of fees obtain copies of witness statements, medical or other technical reports.

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