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The “Picture Gallery” presents an example of the type of pieces that are in the various pottery lines produced by the Nelson Mc Coy Pottery in chronological order.While each piece in the different lines is not shown, the examples given serve as an aid in identifying the name of the line that a particular piece of pottery is associated.At times, the pottery decided to re-issue pieces with a particular design or shape as individual pieces, or they were included in a different line.These pieces typically have a different glaze color from the original, and in such cases where a piece is included in a line different from the original line, the glaze color determines the line to which the piece belongs.This method was used until 1927 when there were eleven dots arranged around the single small star.From 1928 Royal Worcester introduced a different shape as the date code for each preceding year, until 1933, when they started the method of adding an additional dot for each year.This method continued until the mid 60's and from 1966 the date code was rarely used.

From 1867 a letter system was also used to indicate the year of manufacture. This series of codes continued until the 1960s when the dots are arranged around the R (signifying registered) in a circle.The production of some lines continued for many years, while other lines lasted only for a short time, some less than a year.Therefore, the date shown is the initial issue date and it may not be the precise date of issue of all similar pieces.The Society hopes that you find that the pictures and information presented here is informative, and that they serve as an aid in identifying those unfamiliar pieces.A special thank you goes to Craig Nissen for his kind assistance in providing some pictures of lines included in this gallery.

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