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The worst part of meeting a guy that I really like is that awkward AF stage between the first date and being in a real relationship.

It drives me crazy that we can’t define things when I’m not interested in anyone else and I want to be the only one that you’re dating too.

Gut Instincts: You get those good vibes that you both will work out really well together.

Desire: You both desire to be together all the time.

Trust and dedication is all it needs to drive the vehicle of a happy relationship, but being faithful on your part is important.♥ Remain exclusive to the person.♥ Be honest to yourself and to your exclusive partner about what you're looking for in this relationship.♥ Stop exploring for men (or women) on dating sites.♥ Listen to each other.♥ Date two people at the same time.♥ Bring up the past.

Don't talk about your ex all the time.♥ Take each other for granted.

I wouldn’t date just anyone, so if I’m dating you, it’s because I want to date YOU. If you ARE on the same page, being exclusive should be no big deal. I’m investing a lot in you, from my time to my feelings and my hope. I’m not saying we’re going to last forever — it’s way too early to tell anything like that — but I do want us to have a chance at building something real and potentially long-term. I take you seriously and expect you to do the same.Hesitation: Gaging where the two of you stand and hesitating to take it to another step.Curiosity: You are eager to know more about her, to know her past, her dating history, etc., and she feels the same about you. You both don't really know if y'all should stop hunting.I’m taking a massive risk by putting my heart on the line for you.I don’t want to put in the time and effort if you’re going to be dating two other women at the same time. If we’re moving past the first date, that means that I really like you.

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'Cause y'all go on dates, care for each other, meet each other's friends; in short, do everything that a couple would do.

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