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When it reaches the level of a Ph D, women are compared to Miejueshitai (old nuns who have acquired good kungfu skills but become cruel, fierce and ugly). Many men don't even want to see her photo when they hear about her awesome degree, let alone considering dating her.

"Although the country is getting more open-minded in many ways, the prejudice against women Ph Ds has not reduced.

Zhou advised women Ph Ds to be less picky, since trying to find a boyfriend with qualification as impressive as their own would inevitably narrow their range of choice.

"Also, they should try to divert a little of their attention from their studies to the men around them," she said.

In Yu's agency, about 10 per cent of young women clients are women Ph Ds, and he predicts that the figure will continue to grow.

Instead, it is getting more serious," said Yu Jian, manager of a local match-making agency.

He cited one example, saying that not long ago in Nanjing in Jiangsu Province, a woman Ph D holder, in fear that her high degree would drive men away, had written on the matchmaking agency form that her education attainment stopped at the bachelor level.

Yet on the other, almost all her friends are trying to persuade her to quit further study.

" 'Otherwise you will find it super-difficult to find a husband,' that's what they say to me," Li said. "There are too many negative judgments about highly educated women.

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