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Unlike guys, girls rely on feelings and emotions to like a guy.Sometimes, it is easier to make her like you over text rather than getting a date and then impressing her with gifts.According to a study , if you get the opportunity, flirt with her.

Now even though it’s been embraced by many people and even considered as good manners by some, there are still debates running about when it would be most appropriate to send a post date text?

You can start by texting her late in the evening and then try to keep the conversation going until she lies in her bed.

If you have been texting her for a few days, there is no need to look for a reason to text her again.

Safer in the sense that it’s obviously polite, doesn’t seem carefully thought out and isn’t out of the blue as I feel it would seem if sent the next day. It’s not too much and you definitely won’t come off as desperate, it’s polite and shows you’re interested in going out again.

Also, if you choose to do the texting the day after or even a couple of days it might be smart to somehow mention something in reference to the date, so I’d seem a bit more casual than a classic thank-you-for-the-date message that’s obviously been delayed on purpose.

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