Dating in academia

After long pauses and awkward moments, I had that dreaded moment about halfway through the evening where I wished I’d been at home watching television with my dog.

This man’s deep interest in marriage and my transient status didn’t help.

“When I finish my job, I want to leave work at work,” says one business instructor I know.

When he was married to another instructor, they talked incessantly about their jobs. in English rhetoric married his longtime girlfriend who used to wait tables. Her life experience and intellectual curiosity count for a lot.

Why bother starting up something that might end up in heartbreak?

Although not shrinking violets, they simply could not make a place with a professional who either were tremendously accomplished -- or had an inflated view of his or her worth.

It seems as if relationships between academics and corporate-types have some hurdles to overcome -- yet a number of my faculty-buddies swear by them.

Yet close girlfriends here and in my original home state urged me to “get in the game” again -- if only to keep from hiding out. I’ve been on a coffee date with an adjunct in my department.

Although we are both in the humanities, our similarities end there. And his constant reference to an ex-girlfriend who wasn’t really an ex- made me wary.

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