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If a wife moves in with her husband’s family at marriage (as is usually the case), his mother will become an authority figure for his wife and children.

Marriage was once mostly arranged in Iraq; however, people now have the freedom to choose their spouse.

Statistics describing the country’s linguistic, religious and ethnic demographics are based on its most recent national census.Therefore, the wife needs her husband’s consent to get divorced if she is the one requesting a separation.However, under traditional Islamic law, the husband is considered to be the financially responsible party in a partnership.Therefore, parental control extends beyond the age of 18 (the Western age of independence) and continues to influence people’s decision-making throughout their adult years.Women traditionally move into the house of their husband at marriage and come under the control of their in-laws when they marry.

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Furthermore, this belief that it is a man’s duty to protect and provide for his female family members means Iraqi society justifies men inheriting twice as much as women.

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