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He explains the problem from one point of view: ‘We have identified this problem since we began operations in 2005 as the single biggest threat we are facing.

There is a definite link between the migration of African nationals and the spread of this threat.

Up to recent years, these international gangs, many operating from African and in particular Nigeria, pressed ahead with their conspiracies with virtual impunity.

In Thailand at least, all this has changed as a huge crackdown on the fraudsters took hold last year and culminated at the end of January with a raid in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur in which Thailand’s leading cop Lieutenant General Surchate Hapkarn was on hand to see 14 arrested including 7 Nigerians and 7 Thai women while simultaneous raids took place in Thailand.

The US Department of Justice has recently published alarming reports on the scale of the threat being posed.

They have established links between a range of online fraudulent activities such as BEC, which stands for attacks and online romance scamming also linking it to gangs engaged in extensive money laundering operations.

We have long ago barred access to many groups from Africa.

The best solution to the problem is to make users and people online more aware of the risk and its exact nature.

The effectiveness of the crackdown launched by Thai police since then cannot be denied but it must be seen in the context of this criminal activity throughout the world mushrooming and other police forces not being as active as those in Thailand or perhaps the United States or even Australia in combating it at source.Police in Thailand have long associated this criminal activity with nationals from Africa but particularly Nigeria.So much so that one human rights agency last year warned and urged Thai police to make sure that they were not engaged profiling.Last year also saw renewed efforts from US authorities and the FBI.Despite this, the response in the United Kingdom and Europe and other western countries has been less robust as definite links have emerged between illegal migration abuses and the nefarious trade. The move come as Thailand’s immigration police have increasingly seen a link between illegal immigration, immigration abuses and the activities of the romance scam gangs.

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